Toxicology confirmation testing is performed to positively identify specific compounds or substances within an individual’s system in a more detailed way than what’s normally done with routine testing. It’s done by matching substances to a commercially prepared reference.


Toxicology confirmation may be done simply to verify results of the first test that was performed. It can also be done if a patient tested positive for a certain class of drugs on their initial test to identify the specific drug within that class. For instance, a patient can test positive for opiates on an initial tox screen and a toxicology confirmation may reveal that the opiates involved are fentanyl and oxycodone. Additional reasons for requesting toxicology confirmation may include:

  • Verification that a patient is taking their medication(s) as prescribed
  • Identification of illicit drugs or medications not prescribed to a patient
  • Showing possible correlations between medication usage and patient behaviors
  • Confirmation of specific medications an individual indicated they were taking for valid medical reasons prior to drug testing


The results with toxicology confirmation testing are qualitative, meaning the test identifies the presence of specific substances. However, the results are not usually quantitative, so specific levels of substances aren’t identified. If such information is required, additional testing can be done. Results are typically presented with “positive” or “negative” indications for each of the substances tested for comparison purposes. The results are broken down to indicate the presence of individual drugs or substances.

Imperial Laboratories provides confidential drug test results with easy collection methods. Toxicology confirmation testing is conducted at our lab by trained technicians using proven, reliable methods. Results are processed quickly and detailed reports of results can be viewed online.